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Technology Features

Name: Smokeless gas barbecue oven
Switch: 4pcs
Gas pressure: 2800Pa
Weight: 11kg
Size: 1210*400*220mm
Price: $185

Basic Configuration

Infrared ceramic plate burner, Environmentally friendly, pollution-free, burning smokeless, baked food more delicious and healthy
Innovative integrated ignition assembly, High pressure test does not leak, reduce after-sales maintenance rate
The design of double fans is more uniform, the arrangement of the grill is more reasonable and the heat dissipation is more effective
Indenpendent temperature control, High quality electronic ignition knob, adjustable firepower size, long service life
Food grade non stick coating with oil, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, filling with water before using, oil droplets in the water, it's more environmental and hygienic
High temperature resistant barbecue net, comprehensive protection against corrosion resistant, non deformation, keep non stick

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