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Technology Features

Basic Configuration of our Food Trailers Australia:
Dimension: 6000×2000×2450mm                                                                               
Material:Color steel plate+ heat insulation layer+ color steel plate wall
Equipment List of the Food Trailers Australia:
1. Stainless steel cabinet
2. Aluminum alloy floor
3. Water bucket
4. Water pump
5. Socket (country standard)
6. Vacuum Tyres
7. Tail light electric system
8. Lifting jack
9. Exterior power outlet
Production Process of this Food Trailers Australia:
1. 3D free design for you-make your food trailer internal structure more scientific, reasonable and convenient operation
2. Welding-Our welding workers are more than 50 years old. All their life are in this steel welding work,which could ensure you the strongest welding top quality, let the trailer working life more longer. The other company young welding worker could not compare with us of the welding quality
3. Steel base chassis and firm wheel shaft-We treated two times paiting with well rust resistant protective. Maximum speed: 100km/h (Because we are firm shaft, high speed very safty)
4. Dense steel structure-make the food truck stronger and more durable
5. Fire proofing middle insulation-3mm thickness energy saving and fire insulation layer
6. Two layers floor-when people walking on, it will be more stable and non-slip
7. Food truck body-0.7mm color steel plate+20mm cube steel structures+0.77mm color steel plate+3 times waterproof paiting+1 time shiny process
8. Food truck appearance-with more excellent brightness and more beautiful

Basic Configuration

Customized Equipments of this Food Trailers Australia:( All the equipments can be customized)
1. Workbench Freezer
2. Hot dog machine
3. Twin Tank Gas Fryer
4. Gas Stove(2 Burners)
5. Gas Griddle
6. Electric steam table
7. Gas BBQ grill
8. Beverage Refrigerator
9. Gas tank container
10. Green Led light & Ceiling light
11. Air conditioner
12. Smoke lampblack machine
13. Desktop ice cream machine & small ice maker
14. Generator
15. Coffee Machine
Inside Details of this Food Trailer Australia: 

Customized Equipments

More equipments