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Technology Features

Specifications of our Single Axis Food Trailer:

Model: Name brand-02

Body Size: 2800*1650*2350cm

Weight: 6 00KG
Max loading: 1600KG

Feature: single axis

Other color

how to build a food trailer

Basic Configuration

What include inside for basic configure?

1. sink with tap,water pump,fresh water tank,waster water tank 

2. stainless steel table 

3. Storage platform 

4. cabinet door

5. Extension goods rack

How to solve the electric problem?

1. External power supply(youself find the electric to connect with External power jack out of our food trailer)

2. we supply you the electric generator which could supply all equipment electric problems

Which one you choose?

Before case for inside

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What include inside for customized equipments?

We could install any types equipment according your requires,so you just tell me what inside do you want? Then we matched all things well for you.