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Technology Features

Galvanized steel tube frame chassis + color steel plate

1 stainless steel water sink with pump

Premium leakage protector system (Ensure whole trailer electric security)

2 food grade water buckets

Superior security standard Tow Bar and Guide wheel

2 Standard sockets for your country

Hidden circuit pipeline to make trailer more neat and beautiful

2 or 3 axes with Brake

Tail light system (right, left, braking Traffic lights)

4 or 6 big car tyres: 185/60 R14

Easy fold down Trailer Bracket to support heavy weight

12V Water pump to run water system

Internal energy efficient LED lighting

Extended outside table (W: 300mm)

External power plug

Stainless steel workbench (H: 800mm)

Huge size vending window

Pearl cotton/EPE packing

Advantages of our Airstream Food Truck:
1. Unique patent brand
2. Reasonable and beautiful design, more rounded lines
3. It is absolutely the boutique of the airstream series,  decorated with stainless steel inner walls inside, with no additional charge.
4. Use solid brake shaft, absolutely has no danger of the food truck break during walking
5. 304 stainless steel working station, comply with international food safety standards
6. Our target-make the most high-end food truck all over the world. Provide the highest quality food trucks to customers with unique taste to make you absolutely unique and differentiate.
7. Our price will definitely give you a big surprise
8. Accept customization of different colors and sizes

Basic Configuration

Configurations of our Airstream Food Truck:
1. Body: Rustproof color steel plate, which is thick, solid and durable. The color steel plate can be made in different colors according to customer's requirement.
2. Heat Insulation: 3mm thick blasé fire insulation layer in the middle. In hot or cold country, it will play the role of energy saving and heat preservation when air conditioner is installed inside.
3. Stainless steel inside, with high-end elegant and upper grade, which is clean, hygienic, and easy to clean up, comply with international food hygiene standards. 
4. Wheel: According to the load-bearing condition of the airstream food truck,we use vacuum tires with stronger loadcapacity.Many companies use inferior tires to reduce costs.The load capacity of the tires is very poor. And the tires cannot bear the weight of food truck,equipments and peoples inside during saling fast dood,which can cause tire burst, air leak and tires cannot work properly.
5. Floor: Non-slip flooring (aluminum) with drain, easy to clean up.
6. Brake-- Electric brake with hand brake, double security.
7. Working station- 304 stainless steel with cabinet door and double platform
8. Water cycle system-with brand water pump, open the tap and immediately effluent. Double sinks with hot and cold water taps, not frozen hands in winter.
9. Electric system-with voltage protector to protect the electricity safety of the food truck, which have no additional charge. It also includes LED light, four sockets for customer country, high-grade wire layout, external power supply.
10. We will rationally layout the natural gas pipeline and the middle layer of the food truck, according to the food truck with gas or natural gas. It will make our food truck safer, more beautiful and convenient.